Tree Facts


Did you know there are ~200 trees on the Cambridge Road Estate.

Each one is  a 'tower block' of habitat for birds, bats and insects.

There are over 30 different species of tree and some are of unusual cultivars.

Many  trees are more than 50 years old and are a valuable contribution to the streetscene although not one has a TreeProtection Order..

Trees can be valued under the CAVAT system. Some achieved a high value such as this willow at £31,000 and this horticultural variety of sycamore at £48,000

Plants and fungi facts

There are 100's of bushes and plants important for nature  on the Cambridge Road estate and the wider environment. Berries are important for birds especially members of  the thrush family in winter. Fungi are the recyclers and important for channelling nutrients to where they are needed. The fruiting bodies are used by fungus gnats in the autumn and produce a late rise of flies for the bats, which have been found around the estate.


These pictures were painted by Sim during October and November 2018

copyright Alison Fure

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