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New: for the preambulatory, a Little book about Paths: from Tolworth Court Farm to the Cambridge Road Estate exploring the alleys, twittens and greenways. £2.60 + £1.20 P&P




The next Walk With Jane is for Soundwalk September 2020- free but please book below


If you would like to have a 'pop-up' role to  give your point of view on how our borough should look, then please get in touch.

Simone Kay 2019

I have been working as an ecologist since 1998. I have revisted sites  originally surveyed during the first ten years of practice. This included some of the so-called estate regenerations. It shows a huge loss in quality green spaces as well as a local collapse in common species: blackbirds, hedgehogs, house sparrows and bats which have all disappeared as multiple green areas are condensed into one dog-emptying square bordered with fluffy grasses and empty tree pits. Where do these people shop, see a G.P. or even vote?  What is the effect of segregated and privatised play spaces on children. How can future generations protect wildlife  when they have no contact with nature .


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